Netflix is expected to prohibit password sharing by March... for some, this is called a PRICE INCREASE!

AWS Elemental MediaLive Adds Timecode Burn • I can see this as a nice feature in tech monitoring use cases. In

How Techs Inadvertently Blow it with Leadership, great blog and important lessons for all. Beyond a church environment, If you get these right it can boost your career.

Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise editions will no longer receive extended security updates for critical and important vulnerabilities starting Tuesday, January 10, 2023.

I have been working on - an advanced fully customizable web client for Mastodon.

Please go ahead and try it, and send all comments, ideas, bugs and feedback as direct message at @mastodeck, @Barredo or email me

Netflix released the full interview with Zelenskyy and David Letterman for free, available here:

I'm thinking about resolutions, but I'm so slammed with deadlines that it's not realistic to add any of the things I'd like to do for fun.

And then it hit me:

My resolution should to be say no more often.

#NewYearsResolution #WorkLifeBalance #HappyNewYear

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