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AWS Elemental MediaLive Adds Timecode Burn • I can see this as a nice feature in tech monitoring use cases. In

How Techs Inadvertently Blow it with Leadership, great blog and important lessons for all. Beyond a church environment, If you get these right it can boost your career.

Why a Good Death Requires a Good Life - we all need these reminders, frequently!

Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise editions will no longer receive extended security updates for critical and important vulnerabilities starting Tuesday, January 10, 2023.

I have been working on - an advanced fully customizable web client for Mastodon.

Please go ahead and try it, and send all comments, ideas, bugs and feedback as direct message at @mastodeck, @Barredo or email me [email protected]

Netflix released the full interview with Zelenskyy and David Letterman for free, available here:

I'm thinking about resolutions, but I'm so slammed with deadlines that it's not realistic to add any of the things I'd like to do for fun.

And then it hit me:

My resolution should to be say no more often.

#NewYearsResolution #WorkLifeBalance #HappyNewYear

When the clock strikes midnight tonight, most of the published works from 1927 will move into the public domain in the US. Celebrate these works at one of our two Public Domain Day celebrations, January 19 & 20:

Not even three hours into the new year, North Korea launched its first ballistic missile.

Too many deaths this month in the White Mountains. I have hiked many of these trails...although not in Winter. I really appreciate the "Doug Shoe Bushcraft" YouTube offers great compassion and teaches for

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