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When the clock strikes midnight tonight, most of the published works from 1927 will move into the public domain in the US. Celebrate these works at one of our two Public Domain Day celebrations, January 19 & 20:

Not even three hours into the new year, North Korea launched its first ballistic missile.

Too many deaths this month in the White Mountains. I have hiked many of these trails...although not in Winter. I really appreciate the "Doug Shoe Bushcraft" YouTube offers great compassion and teaches for

Nice sendoff for Judy Woodruff on her last night as anchor of the PBS NewsHour. I thought she found her voice during the Trump era by speaking truth to power, and I hope the new team does as well as she did. #journalism

Wish there was a TweetDeck-ish tool that could bring multiple Mastodon communities together on one dashboard.

Somehow missed the memo that "Time’s Almost Up for Fluorescent Lighting"... We're still using a bunch of them in our TV studio.

Such a cool moment to have a former High School volunteer and intern stop in and do a TV hit from our studio because his flight was canceled.

What do you think of WKZG's (104.3) new station format, "Wierd Al Radio"

Listen while you can, appears to be a creative bridge format as they transition to a new, yet-to-be-announced, format.

Consumers want an all-in-one platform to simplify their entertainment, we had that... it's 1990s Cable TV. Just add some VOD and Apps on top of that... Not going to happen I suspect.

My son launched this server in less than 10min, this is so cool! My own slice of the


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